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Testimonial : The Custom Sled Shop

1730390 Ontario Inc.


19132 Leslie Street

P.O. Box 1219

Sharon, Ontario

L0G 1V0



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P.O. Box 1851

Campbellford, Ontario

K0L 1L0


Attention: Jean Zacher



I just wanted to thank you for all your help while
we were searching for a motorcycle mechanic.


We had exhausted our search with the local
newspapers after spending numerous dollars
and getting zero response to our ad.


When then advanced our search to a large daily Toronto
Newspaper, more money and again no responses.


When you contacted us and explained your services we were hesitant because you were an unknown entity but the cost was much less than what we had already paid out.


Imagine our amazement when we received several resumes, granted not all were suitable candidates
but one of them we actually knew from a competing company and hired him on the spot.


Now several weeks later we couldn't be happier with this new employee and wanted to let you know and thank you.


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your service to
anyone looking for employees and suggest they use
your service before spending their hard earned money
on local newspapers that don�t always work.



Yours truly,

Terri Noddle

Office Manager



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